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Company Profile


AP Memory is a multinational company on DRAM design. Besides producing JEDEC standard DRAM for main stream applications, we work with industry leaders in mobile, wearable and IoT (Internet of Things) devices and greatly increased the competitiveness of these products with highly innovative, customized memory products.

AP Memory never refrains from being the first in the industry to help our customers maximize the performance of their products. Our IC design teams in Portland, Tokyo, Asaka, Hsin-chu and Beijing are filled with top talents with extensive working experiences from the world’s biggest IC design power houses such as Intel, Mitsubishi, Cypress, etc. Such technology strength has enabled us to push the boundaries of innovation and design excellence.

AP Memory strives for design elegance. We believe elegant design is a true path which leads to a more beautiful world. Our design elegance not just stays as a philosophy or a culture, but also transforms into tangible aspects of our products: Lowest power, Lowest cost, Lowest possible pin-count, High speed, Excellent form factor, etc. The DRAM products we provide have been one of the the key contributors to the competitiveness of billions of end devices functioning across the globe.

AP Memory does not achieve all these alone. Our best teachers are our customers, including the world’s most exclusive design houses and IDMs. We have built around us an eco-system including solid partnership with advanced DRAM technology fab foundries, assembly and test houses, external research institutions and other product and commercial solution providers. Over the years, AP Memory has emerged as the best memory solution partner to our customers.

Quality and Environment Policy

Understand customer needs:

AP Memory Technology Corp values every customer, and pursues the greatest customer satisfaction through our global service and real-time technical support, the it of.
AP Memory Technology Corp is committed to support customers with products competitive on quality, scope, price, and delivery.

Innovative products:

With a strong R & D team, AP Memory Technology provides not only standard products, but also highly customized products and services for different customers.

Pursuit of excellence:

AP Memory Technology is committed to maintain product yield stability with strictly controlled process and operations.
With continuous improvement as corporate culture, we target at providing most suitable products and services with highest quality.